If you are in a popular destination with great foot traffic, create a great window that tells one story and tells it well. Your window display must be your invitation to the passerby. A well-designed window display encourages impulse sales and peaks a customer’s curiosity. It might even tug at their heartstrings.”

Whether you’re a small retailer with a storefront or you’re planning your first pop-up store, your retail window display is one of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal of tools to stand out.

Not only are you going head-to-head with other small businesses, but you’re competing with big-box retailers and chain stores as well. A unique, compelling retail window display has the power to differentiate you from competitors as well as draw in more foot traffic.

Store window displays are your chance to highlight your brand’s unique personality and turn the heads of passersby. The right window display design can engage shoppers enough to cause them to stop, look back, and walk into your store where your floor staff can help close the sale.