Moving Stories
The Documentary "Fishing for a Future"  produced by Jens Schneider from Future Proof Productions in Namibia was completed and delivered to client on 11 June...
Short Insta-Videos
Have you considered sharing short video content as a social marketing tactic? FPP short video for your business is an essential tool to not be...
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Roses are red, but trees are more valuable.
Living in a predominantly arid desert country how have we come to misinterpret the value of a tree? Non-timber forest resources like fruit, bulbs, berries...
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On Bargaining with the Future
In bargaining with the future we are to face its demands now, respond to challenges at hand rather than bracing for catastrophe. The Sustainable Development...
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A primary premise of the Paris Agreement is consensus on the need to strengthen the resilience to climate impacts, focusing on the poorest and most...
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Urgent Transformative Change Needed – UN Report May 2019
Oceans are no longer a sanctuary. Only 3% of marine areas are free from human pressure. Industrial fishing takes place in more than half the...
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Which and How

About FPP

Moving Stories. In a world of distraction and disconnect it has become of prime importance to reconcile humans with the environment. Perhaps more importantly, humans need to be reconciled with the inevitable consequences of avoiding...
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Social Media Branding

Facebook and Instagram Video shorts We will help you make the fullest use of video marketing on social media to support or develop your social media strategy. In Namibia, videos are becoming increasingly popular on...
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No Website, No Future. The FPP Design team will assist you in making your business Future Proof.  SInce FIlm, Video and GRaphics go hand-in-hand, our FPP Team in Windhoek specialises in web page design for...
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Content Development

No Content, no Meaning. Future Proof Designs need a context to be persuasive. Good content writing  for digitial media is the core business of FPP. Our Scripts have a tangible academic format, The objectives of...
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